My bedroom wishlist

Bedroom 2Collage Earlier this week – in this post – I promised you a sneak peak of my bedroom-corner-wishlist. This is what the ultimate wishlist looks like. I won’t be by buying everything on this list just yet, but hopefully in time, my bedroom corner will look something along these lines. I really hope that we’ll find the time to get started soon, and then I’ll be able to show you real pictures of my new girly corner.

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Living with a superhero

Superhero 2 Collage My little guy is a real superhero. Not a day goes by without him dredded up as Spiderman, wearing one of his many Batman t-shirts or running around the house playing with his superhero Lego. He can play for hours like this – and I love watching him use his imagination.

His birthday is not until the beginning of August, but I want to add a few superhero items to his room. Let’s face it – his room needs a bit of superhero magic. I’ve collected a few pictures for inspiration and some cool superhero items, which will add that bit of magic.

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Weekend and blush moments

Blush moments 1

blush moments 2 blush moments 3

It’s Monday again. The weekend went by so fast. Friday night the whole family went to the X-Factor concert here in Aalborg. My daughter had her picture taken with Jógvan and was sooo excited. It was pretty cute. Before the concert we also bought the very first school bag for my little guy. He has had the bag with him wherever he went all weekend.

Saturday we bought new soccer goals for the garden, and the kids (and parents – while getting some much needed work done in the garden as well) played out there the whole day. Sunday some of our friends came by for a game of soccer and coffee and cake – what a wonderful way to end an amazing weekend.

We also bought a few items from Ikea this weekend, which I’ll show you in another post. But it was the start of yet another bedroom transformation. I’ll finally get my own girly corner in there and I’m making a wishlist and will share it with you guys soon. Just need to add a few more items. But as you might have guessed, I’ll be adding a bit of dusty pink in there and a few green plants.

For more blush moments do visit my board on Pinterest. There you’ll also find lots of inspiration, if you want to add a bit of blush to your own home.

This will be all for me right now. Have a fantastic Monday and take care.

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Stockholm living

Browsing Fantastic Frank’s website this morning I couldn’t help but save a few pictures for inspiration. I’m drawn to many details in this beautiful Stockholm home. Just take a look at the beautiful prints on the wall, the objects neatly displayed on the shelves, the cozy looking bedroom and the fresh herbs and the tiles in the kitchen. And most of all, I love the mix of old and new.

Fantastic frank Fantastic Frank BJURHOLMSPLAN 27 Fantastic Frank BJURHOLMSPLAN 27 kitchen Fantastic Frank BJURHOLMSPLAN 27 dining Source: Fantastic Frank


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A cup of coffee

It has been a wonderful couple of days filled with visits from the Easter bunny, great food, drinks, fantastic company, a trip to the sea, loving family moments, garden moments and so much more. I’m ready for a new (short) week.

I’ve been adding a lot of pictures of coffee to my Pinterest board the last couple of days. I guess I’m in a bit of a coffee mood, which isn’t that bad. Today, I came across this beautiful kitchen, with a perfect little coffee spot. I wouldn’t mind getting up in the morning, enjoy my cup of coffee right there and then get on with the day.

Stadshem coffee Stadshem kitchen Stadshem kitchen Stadshem kitchen stadshem coffee

Source: Stadshem

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Hello April

hello april

Hello April. Today is the beginning of something new. A new chapter in my life, and I’m so ready to embrace it. It means that I’ll start blogging again and I can’t wait to get started.

But first off, I’ll start by enjoying a few days off with my amazing family. I’ll see you in a few days. A quick note before I leave… check out my Easter board on Pinterest if you need some last minute inspiration.

Have a wonderful Easter break. I hope you’ll be among great and inspiring people.

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